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jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

The Death Of LinkedIn Groups? by Mark Norman, President of World Wine Marketing.

Anuncio en Fine Wine Collective
The Death Of LinkedIn Groups?
Mark Norman
President of World Wine Marketing
For those who have known me for a while I have often banged the drum for joining LinkedIn and especially for joining the groups there. The conversations are often excellent in their quality and the ability to get many wine people involved at significant levels....the ability to communicate were outstanding.

To that end, over the last 7 years I have created 30 groups (20 were subgroups) and the membership total last month had surpassed 42,000 int total.

Over the last several years LinkedIn has changed here and there...mostly reducing the ability to communicate. Members usually found ways around the limitations.

Beginning about 6 weeks ago LinkedIn started to change in significant ways. Initially they stopped sending notifications about postings. I was told that unless members used the email notification links to access stories the system sent less and less notices. I have deliberately been using them and I still get relatively few notices. When I used group announcement capabilities to inform people of this I hear from countless members that they thought that no one was posting...as business professionals they are too busy to waste time going to look to see if there are new interesting discussions...so comments have dwindled to almost nothing...now many of us are seeing a significant drop in posts and new requests to join. The system now restricts managers to ONE group notice a week???

Their mobile app has absolutely no manage features and where I would look for new requests to join 8 to 10 times a day for all my groups (and it took less than 2 or 3 minutes) now it takes me 15 minutes or more...it is so time consuming that I rarely do it more than once a day.

What even a lot of group creators don't know is that there is a group called Group Moderators that i have been participating in...the outcry has been nothing less than deafening. Customer support people are pushing "Pulse"...I went back in yesterday just to see if I had been missing something in the past...it is nothing more than a vast endless newsfeed that mixes conversations from all over. Finding posts that are relevant to a person's interest will be virtually impossible. They have even gone so far as to make it almost impossible for group managers to keep spammers out.

If you are on LinKedIn and are a wine professional I WANT to connect with you. For reasons that I would rather not say I feel it is very important for all wine professionals to connect. I really hope this message reaches many of you!

Comments of Wines Inform Assessors:

 Hi Mark ...

Really is a problem because Linkedin has offered the possibility to connect directly between people all the world (with interessant and less interesting deals or subjects)

I have reproduce your letter in my blog http://spainwinesnews-noticiasdevinoespanol.blogspot.com.es/2015/12/the-death-of-linkedin-groups-by-mark.html and I desire  Linkedin take care of your opinions

Kind regards

Alfred Martínez - Wines Inform Assessors

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