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miércoles, 8 de junio de 2016

Tim Atkin MW: Where does Spain fit in the battle for wine supremacy?

Tim Atkin MW: Where does Spain fit in the battle for wine supremacy?

Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin takes a look at Spanish terrior and where Spanish wines fit in the hieracrchy for supermacy as a top wine producing country.

Comments of Wines Inform Assessors:

I think there are several key issues.

For whom is it produced? For a rich man willing to pay high for a product that must meet certain característhics of  prestige, which can be derived from the general opinion but not the reality of product? ¿For people with "normal" wages they want to take good wines at fair prices ?

You say: "..there are few fine wines that are traded, auctioned and coveted by collectors" I think this has more to do with speculation than with the quality of wines. This wines are created to become olders

These wines are created to grow old and will likely be taken when they are no longer a drinkable product.

The wine market should be directed to the majority of the population. Fair prices, right qualities in line with prices, diversity in the supply of grape varieties. As a consumer it is what I would ask the industry

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