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lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Victoria Moore: it's time to step away from the rioja ... Comment of / Comentario de Wines Inform Assessors

Victoria Moore: it's time to step away from the rioja

Victoria Moore has been writing about wine and all other kinds of drinks since 1998 and joined the Telegraph as wine correspondent in October 2010

When I started out in 1995,” says Pablo Calatayud, “a cousin of my mother said, ‘Pablo, your project is impossible. Nobody pays as much as €6 for a bottle of Valencian wine. In our area in the 20th century, we were the world champions of cheap wine.”

Calatayud smiles. His boutique wines are made from vines grown at altitude in the hills between Valencia and Alicante on the eastern side of Spain. Valencia and the surrounding areas of Utiel-Requena, Manchuela, Yecla and Jumilla were once renowned only to exporters of bulk wine, for the cheapness and the quantity of the plonk they were able to produce. But Spain has changed. If the phrase “Spanish wine” still only brings to mind rioja, sherry, cava and ribera del duero, then you need an update.

Over the past couple of decades, vignerons in corners of Spain whose viticulture has been uncelebrated for too long have been redrawing the Spanish wine...

Comment of / Comentario de Wines Inform Assessors:

An excellent observation that helps consumers to deepen and become more interested in the total of Spanish wines.

Increasing the diversity in the offer, in its geographical and personal origin and in the range of prices available, is beneficial for the whole range of Spanish producers' wines and at the same time serves to better satisfy the tastes of consumers

Wines Inform Assessors
Una excelente observación que ayuda a los consumidores a profundizar e interesarse más por el total de vinos de España.

Aumentar la diversidad en la oferta, en su orígen geográfico y personal  y en la gama de precios adquirible es beneficioso para el conjunto de la oferta de vinos de los productores españoles y a la vez sirve para satisfacer mejor los gustos de los consumidores

Wines Inform Assessors

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