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jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

United Kingdom: Asda Supermarkets is strengthening its commitment to selling locally sourced products ... Comment of / Comentario de Wines Inform Assessors

Asda Brings In local lad to champion South West local products

Asda is strengthening its commitment to selling locally sourced products, with the appointment of a dedicated Buying Manager for the South West of England.

Alan Jackson, Buying Manager

Alan Jackson, Buying Manager, will work for Asda to help small- and medium-sized food and drink businesses across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset, along with Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol, to sell their products on the shelves at Asda stores in the region, and beyond.

Working alongside the stores in the South West, Alan – who grew in Somerset – will be using his local knowledge to help bring fresh and tasty locally produced or grown products to local Asda supermarkets, supporting local communities in the process.

Alan commented: "I'm a proud South Westerner and have always loved championing the local produce – everyone has heard of Cornish pasties, but there’s so much more and you can’t beat a good Cream Tea, local cheese or a local Cider!
“I am looking forward to enhancing the existing range and bringing more pride to this beautiful part of the world.
“There are already so many excellent suppliers and products across the region; it’s all about finding those hidden gems and getting them into Asda is really rewarding for both the supplier and our loyal customers.
“If we find a local product our customers will like, we can have it on our store shelves within eight weeks flat in some cases!”
"Ultimately my goal is to make our customers proud when they walk into their local store, proud to be from the South West and proud that Asda continues to provide huge support for local producers and the local community.”

Alan has worked at Asda for xx years, in a variety of buying roles for the company.

Rick Banks, senior buying manager for local England and Wales, commented: "We are committed to supporting local suppliers across the country, including in the South West, ensuring that the local communities we serve have access to high quality local produce at low prices.
“Asda takes pride in providing good quality food for our customers. And we want to make sure that putting a healthy, great tasting meal on your family table doesn’t cost the earth. Our goal is to search out the best local products we can find for you.”
“Alan is originally from the South West and is very passionate about where he is from and what he does, so he's absolutely perfect for the role."

Asda currently works with around 600 local suppliers in the UK, stocking over 6,000 different local products – stocking a delicious variety of regional meats, cheeses, yoghurts, sausages, pickles, ice cream, cakes, and beer.

For more information on working with Asda as a local supplier, go to: https://sustainability.asda.com/local-sourcing

Comment of / Comentario de Wines Inform Assessors:

El desabastecimiento posible como ha sucedido estos días en Reino Unido con las lechugas y otros vegetales, el generar riqueza en el entorno humano de los grandes distribuidores, los costes y pérdida de calidad frecuentes en los productos procedentes de largas distancias, el aprecio por los productos locales que debiera mantenerse y potenciarse como parte de la cultura de una zona o de un país son algunos de los factores que los compradores en la distribución alimentaria debieran tener en cuenta como en este caso ha hecho la cadena de supermercados Asda.

El papel de compradores con cultura y aprecio por los productos que compran es un elemento fundamental en esta estrategia que responde a las necesidades de los compradores y a las tendencias positivas para la economía que se están desvelando en estos momentos de desconcierto e inseguridad general

Sobre la personalidad y actitudes deseables en los compradores se puede consultar Els caps de compres deixen el bat de beisbol ... Comentario / Comentari de "El ojo amigo". Asesoría de empresas - "The friendly eye" Business assessment - "L'ull amic" Assessoria d'empreses


The possible shortfall, as has happened in the UK these days with lettuce and other vegetables, the wealth generated in the human environment of the big distributors, the frequent costs and loss of quality in products from long distances, the appreciation for local products that should be maintained and promoted as part of the culture of an area or a country are some of the factors that buyers in the food distribution should take into account as in this case has done the supermarket chain Asda.

The role of buyers with culture and appreciation for the products they buy is a fundamental element in this strategy that responds to the needs of buyers and the positive trends for the economy that are unfolding in these moments of bewilderment and general insecurity

On the personality and attitudes desirable in the buyers could be consulted Els caps de compres deixen el bat de beisbol ... Comentario / Comentari de "El ojo amigo". Asesoría de empresas - "The friendly eye" Business assessment - "L'ull amic" Assessoria d'empreses

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