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jueves, 6 de julio de 2017

Michelin & Robert Parker Wine Advocate Join Forces ... Comentario de / Comment of Wines Inform Assessors

Michelin & Robert Parker Wine Advocate Join Forces

Boulogne-Billancourt, France (July 5, 2017):

Michelin, the globally renowned tire company and name behind the world's leading guide to quality restaurants, MICHELIN guide, announced today its acquisition of a 40% stake in Robert Parker Wine Advocate and RobertParker.com, the world's most widely read independent consumers' guide to fine wine.

Founded by the American Robert M. Parker in 1978, Robert Parker Wine Advocate is the international authority on wine. The power of the ratings given to fine wines are based on the noses and palates of the passionate wine critic and his team of experts, but also on a methodology that is unique in this field. Robert Parker's affirmed independence with regard to wine producers and the wine trade is the key to producing unbiased, credible reviews.

Following professionally conducted peer group tastings, each wine receives not only a descriptive tasting note, but a qualitative score ranging between 50 and 100 points. Thanks to this rigorous system, Robert Parker Wine Advocate has over many years acquired an international reputation that remains solidly anchored and trusted by wine collectors all over the world. Today, the wine publication produces nearly 40,000 wine reviews annually.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate, has offices in Singapore, Napa, CA and Monkton, MD. The RobertParker.com website includes online archives of every Issue of The Wine Advocate dating back to 1992, consisting of more than 300,000 original tasting notes. RPWA has recently developed a special events platform that enables the public to experience fine wine together with gourmet dining. Since 2016, Robert Parker Wine Advocate and Michelin have joined forces in Singapore and Hong Kong-Macau to offer unique dining experiences based on pairing fine cuisine and wine. The highly successful events offer consumers the chance to experience a selection of dishes prepared by the MICHELIN guide's "starred" chefs and compatible wines recommended by Robert Parker Wine Advocate's experts.

"Working with the MICHELIN guide on events in Singapore and Hong Kong-Macau demonstrated to both of our companies how much richer and more impactful the experiences we create for our loyal readers can be when we come together," commented Robert Parker Wine Advocate's Editor-in-Chief and Master of Wine, Lisa Perrotti-Brown. "The similarities between our core values, integrity and rigor as critics within the worlds of wine and food were striking. It very soon became apparent that merging to create a sum that is even better than our parts would be an incredible means of offering fine food and wine lovers around the world even more." 

Founder Robert Parker has been thrilled over the union of the two most independent sources for fine cuisine and wine, and the infinite possibilities it creates: « Far too long critics have divided wine and food into two separate areas of expertise, but now the most realistic blend of impartial, independent, unbiased, intelligent food and wine opinion and wisdom have been married for the benefit of both wine and food consumers. »

With this equity investment, Michelin is strengthening and broadening its experience in the area of gourmet dining.

"Around the world, the credibility of Michelin and Robert Parker Wine Advocate is based on unique selection systems, organized around a proven methodology and undeniable independence," says Alexandre Taisne, CEO Food and Travel Business de Michelin. "The partnership between Michelin, the global reference in gourmet dining with the MICHELIN guide, and Robert Parker Wine Advocate, the world leader in wine tasting and rating, will enable our customers who enjoy upscale restaurants and fine vintage wines to experience unique moments. Initially we are focusing on markets in Asia and North America before pursuing our deployment in Europe and others regions of the world. We look forward to leveraging our strong relationship to develop even broader offerings for our customers."

About Michelin

Michelin is committed to improving the mobility of its customers over the long term. A leader in the tire industry, Michelin designs, manufactures and distributes tires that are closely adapted to the needs and usage conditions as well as services and other solutions that make mobility more efficient. Michelin also provides offerings that enable its customers to experience unique moments during their trips and travels. In addition, Michelin has developed high-tech materials for manufacturing companies in the mobility sector. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, Michelin is present in 170 countries, has 111,700 employees and operates 68 plants in 17 countries that together produced 187 million tires in 2016 (www.michelin.com).

About the MICHELIN guide

The MICHELIN guide selects the best restaurants and hotels in 28 countries in which it operates. A full-fledged showcase of fine dining around the world, the guide focuses on the culinary dynamism of a country, as well as on emerging trends and talented chefs of tomorrow. A creator of value for restaurants thanks to the distinction it awards every year, the MICHELIN guide supports the standing of local gastronomy and the tourist appeal of regions. Based on its rigorous selection method and its long-term understanding of the hospitality industry, the MICHELIN guide gives its customers unique expertise that enables it to provide them with a high-quality service.

Its selections are available in print and digital versions that are accessible via the Web and on a full range of mobile media that offer navigation adapted to individual use as well as an online booking service.

With the MICHELIN guide, the Group continues to support millions of travelers, enabling them to live a unique mobility experience.

About Robert Parker Wine Advocate

For more than 39 years,The Wine Advocate, and later RobertParker.com, have been the global leader and independent consumer's guide to fine wine. The brand was established by the internationally recognized, Robert M. Parker, Jr., the only critic in any field to receive the highest Presidential honor from three countries - France, Italy and Spain. Robert Parker Wine Advocate provides a wealth of information to its subscribers, including a searchable database of more than 300,000 professional wine ratings and reviews, in addition to articles, videos, daily news content, online retail availability and pricing, an active, professionally moderated bulletin board, a mobile app for easy access to the comprehensive online database of reviews and much more.

For more information, visit www.RobertParker.com .

Comentario de / Comment of Wines Inform Assessors:

Las voces que recomiendan son múltiples y personalmente prefiero las valoraciones no interesadas y con conocimiento del sector. Muchas veces son expertos locales como Pau Arenós o Joan Gómez Pallarès o nosotros mismos en Wines Inform Assessors -por citar algunos ejemplos- los que son capaces de orientar al consumidor.
La distancia geográfica a los productores no facilita que las valoraciones sean correctas
Es evidente que el nivel de influencia es superior cuanta mayor sea la audiencia y en este caso las opiniones de Robert Parker , ahora reforzadas con su asociación a Michelin, serán seguidas por muchos importadores y consumidores. Sin embargo estas recomendaciones pueden no ser las más útiles y el valor d elas recomendaciones locales como guía para importadores, distribuidores y consumidores es insustituible y una mejor garantía de satisfacción en las compras

Wines Inform Assessors
The voices that recommend are multiple and I personally prefer the valuations not interested and with knowledge of the sector. Many times local experts such as Pau Arenós or Joan Gómez Pallarès or ourselves in Wines Inform Assessors - to cite a few examples - are able to guide better the consumer.
The geographical distance to the producers does not make the valuations correct
It is evident that the level of influence is greater the more the audience and in this case the opinions of Robert Parker, now reinforced by its association with Michelin, will be followed by many importers and consumers. However these recommendations may not be the most useful and the value of local recommendations as a guide for importers, distributors and consumers is irreplaceable and a better guarantee of satisfaction in purchases

Wines Inform Assessors


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